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Coffee & Tea Houses
     2010-October-13  08:53    Shenzhen Daily

* Zi Yuan Tea House 紫苑茶馆

Location #1:
(0755) 8306 5494

Location #2:
(0755) 2860 4942

Location #3:
(0755) 2136 6100

* Cafe' Shilla 新罗园

No.599, 5/F, The MIXc, 1881 Bao An Nan Rd., Luohu
(0755) 8269 0776

* Italian Best Coffee 意式咖啡馆

Room S142, Gate8, Shenzhen Book Store, Fu zhong yi Rd.
(0755) 2399 2094

* Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品

Location #1:
Business hours: 10:00am - 00:00am
(0755) 8399 3468

Location #2:
Business hours: 11:00am - 04:00am
(0755) 8329 6318

Location #3:
B98, -1/F, The MIX, #1181, Bao'an Nan Rd.
Business hours: 10:00am - 11:00am

* Greenland Lounge 绿涧廊

The Pavilion Hotel lobby 圣廷苑酒店一楼
(0755) 8207-8888 ext. 8213
Gourmet coffee anyone? An oas, is at the centre of the Pavilion hotel, with palm trees and tropical forest decor, that provides a private and serene place to unwind, talk business or just enjoy the quiet. The Greenland Lounge is the ideal spot to take time out, its like relaxing in a rainforest – have a cup of gourmet tea or coffee or perhaps enjoy a glass of wine from the top French winemakers. Service hours: 10am-2am.

* Starbucks 星巴克

Location #1:
Citic City Plaza store 中信城市广场分店
Shop 1002, Citic City Plaza, 1093 Shennan Zhong Road
(0755) 2594-1302

Location #2:
Carrianna Friendship Square store 佳宁娜广场分店
G/F, Carrianna Friendship Square, Renmin Nan Road
(0755) 2518-2535

Location #3:
Sea World store 海上世界分店
Shop 113, Nanshan Hotel, Xinghua Road, Sea World Shekou
(0755) 2683-2163

Location #4:
MOI Huaqiang Bei store 华强北茂业分店
Shop C01, G/F & 2/F, MOI Department Store, 2005-2006 Huaqiang Bei Road
(0755) 8301-9829; 8301-9839

Location #5:
Kingglory Plaza store 金光华广场分店
Shop B1-106, Kingglory Plaza, Renmin Nan Road
(0755) 8261-1183

Location #6:
The MIXc store 万象城分店
Shop B99, The MIXc
(0755) 8269-1088

Location #7:
Baoan International Airport store 宝安国际机场分店
Shop BS1-11,G/F, Airport Lounge B, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport Shenzhen
(0755) 2998-2809

Location #8:
CMALL Huafa Bei store 华发北铜锣湾分店
G/F, Block A , CMALL,1 Huafa Bei Road
(0755) 8320-6928

Location #9:
Sun Plaza store 太阳广场分店
1-112A, Sun Plaza 2001untie road
(0755) 8320-6928

Location #10:
Shenzhen Shekou Garden City store 深圳蛇口花园城中心分店
Shop 132,G/F, Shekou Garden City, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan district
(0755) 2686-3185

Location #11:
Shenzhen CoCoPark store 深圳星活购物公园分店
Shop L1S-001, G/F, CoCo Park, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian district
(0755) 8831-3819

Location #12:
Wuzhou xingyuan store 五洲星苑分店
Shop B-south 105, B-west 106-107, G/F, Wuzhou Xingyuan, 12 Xinwen Road, Futian district
(0755) 8271-3418

Location #13:
Book City store 深圳中心书城分店
Shop N137, G/F, Book City, Hongli Road, Futian district
(0755) 2399-2150

* Ying Yu Tong Coffee Shop 英语通咖啡店

#123B06, TianChengJu, HuaCaiXinTianDi (between HaiDe Rd. No.2 & WenXin Rd. No.2)
Behind Hai Ya Department Store, next to Wall Street English & Andes Cafe
海雅百货后面华彩新天地, 天成居,华尔街英语对面
(0755) 2642-2504
Practice your English at Ying Yu Tong Coffee Shop. Free English Salons hosted by foreigners every evening at 7pm. Great coffee at a great price. Weekly special events.
到"英语通"咖啡店练习你的口语! 外教每晚7点主持免费英语沙龙! 上好咖啡, 超低价格! 一周一次的特别节目!

* Mosaic Club

Shop 18, Coastal Rose Garden II, Wang Hai Road, Shekou. (10 minutes walk past the Golf Club)
(0755) 2683-8872
It is great for an older crowed of expats to meet local Chinese who are mostly older too. You can meet some successful business people, some middle class locals. The prices are very good and the drinks, snacks etc. of excellent quality. There's no loud BANG BANG HIP HOP music, so it's really easy to talk and lounge around. (Review by Rodney Higgins)

* KK Café

15/3 Third Section of Garden City Block, 8 Industry Road, Shekou, Nanshan District
(0755) 2667-4857
A lovely small café close to Shekou Walmart. Enjoy a latte or a meal and warm-hearted service from a young Chinese couple in a cosy western style café. You will really feel welcome here!

* True Cafe

Zhenhua building.huafu rd. Futian (Next to Laluno)
(0755) 8230-1833
A new coffee concept from the True Colors group. Fore every coffee you buy, you can get a special True Color mix CD with songs you choose from the Cafe's library. A great place for music lovers and DJs to hangout. It is near the Huaqiangbei shopping district so it maybe a good stop after shopping.

* Coffee Beanery

No. 076, 2nd Floor, Kingglory Plaza, 2028 Renmin Road South, Luohu District
(0755) 8261-1517
Another coffee chain breaking into the Shenzhen market. The coffee is not bad and the free wireless internet access allows us to update the web site on the go.

* Vic-afe

ShunDian Store: 5th floor, Shundian Square, Shangbu Road, Huaqiangbei, Futian
(0755) 8323-8175
Citic Plaza Store: 412, 4th floor, Zhongxin Citic Plaza, Shennan Mid. Road, Futian
If you feel tired while you were shopping in Huaqiangbei or Citic Plaza visit this coffee shop for rest and a snack.

* City Solo Cafe

107A1/A (southern side of KFC). Hight-Tech Venture Park. Tian An Digital City. Futian District
(0755) 8204-3998
Coffee options expand in Futian district. This place also has sandwiches, pasta and wireless internet access.

* Starbucks

Shop L1S-001, G/F, Coco Park, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen tel: 88313819
Shop B99, The MIXc, Louhu (across from Diwang)
Shekou, Sea World
Nanshan Hotel No. 113 Xinghua Road, Sea World Shekou tel: 26832163
Shop 1, Carrianna Friendship Square, Ren Min Lu, Luohu District
1st-2nd Floor Moi Department Store Huaqiang Bei Road Branch
CITIC Plaza (Zhongxing Guangchang) (next to KFC)
World's most famous coffee now also in Shenzhen. If you want to run into people you know go to the CITIC plaza store the other locations are good when you need some peace and quiet.

* Italian Best Coffee

Diwang Commercial Center, Lohu (facing Shennan Rd.) - (0755) 2583-0499
Unit 414, Shopping Mall, DiWang Commercial Center - (0755) 25834670
5F, Moi Department Store, Huaqiangbei Rd. - (0755) 83019156
At the foot of the highest building in Shenzhen, get one of the best Illy’s brand coffee in Lohu. Appreciate well-known Illy’s coffee design, but don’t expect privacy as it is located at a high traffic entrance. (outdoor seating and wireless Internet access available) Shoot up to the fourth floor to try the Italian pizza or visit their Huaqiang bei branch if you are hungry.

 nutaste Coffee & Wine Bar 

Overseas Chinese Town, CMALL (On Walmart Side)
(0755) 2693-4743
Wine bar featuring an extensive wine list mainly from Australia as well as coffee.

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