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Investment Environment
     2010-October-13  08:53    Shenzhen Daily

Convenient Transprotation

Shenzhen owns a three-dimensional transportation network of sea, land and air.

The throughput of containers of Shenzhen port in year 2001 was up to 5.07 million TEUs, second only to Shanghai in China mainland, and ranking the eighth in the whole world.

Shenzhen international Airport is the fourth largest one in CHina mainland.

Shenzhen neighbours Hong Kong, with China's largest passenger land port----Luohu Port,the largest freight land port----Huanggang Port, as well as Wenjindu port and Shatoujiao port connected to Hong Kong .

The highways, expressways, and railways from Shenzhen extend in all directions.

Shenzhen connects Guangzhou-Shenzhen and Shenzhen-Shantou Expressways,and Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Kowloon raiway arteries join in Shenzhen.
Shenzhen Subway Phase I project will be completed and put into operation by the and of 2003.

Perfect Supporting facilities

Shenzhen has opened IDD phones with more than 200 cities overseas, and nearly 2000 cities and towns domestically. 

Shenzhen owns sufficient resources in therms of fixed telephones, mobile telephones and broadband internet, and perfect facilities in terms of electricity,water and drainage. As a result,it can fully meet the demands of producion and living of the whole city.

Fast developing economy

From year 1980 to 2001,the average annual growth rate of GDP of Shenzhen exceeded 30%, in year 2001, the number hit USD 23 billion, ranking the sixth in the major cities in China mainland. By the end of year 2001, Shenzhen had introduced foreign investment of USD 26.6 billion, ranking the third in the major cities of China mainland.

83 of world's Fortune 500 enterprises have invested in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Stock Exchange is one of the two national-scale securities markets in China. China international Hi-Tech Fair is held in Shenzhen in October annually.

Beautiful environment

Lying by the sea and mountains, Shenzhen is an evergreen city, with beautiful sceneries and sound weather. Shenzhen has subtropical oceanic climate, with average annual temperature of 22.40℃,and average annual rainfall of 1933.3mm. Such theme parks of Shenzhen as "Windows of the World", "Splendid China",and "Minsk Aircraft Carrier"are famous in the whole country. Shenzhen owns multitude of entertainment and recreation sports as public gardens, beaches,bathing beaches, etc.

Green grasses are seen everywhere in the city.

Shenzhen has set up 7 international-standard golf courses, and many international and domestic golf competitions are held annually in the city.

In year 2000, Shenzhen won the "international Garden City"prize.

Vigorous Shenzhen abounds in endless commercial Opportunities, and the free trade zones, with their unique advantages, have become the first choice for investors.

Geographical advantages

Futian Free Trade Zone neithbors Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway.

Huanggang prot and Huanggang Subway Terminal are at hand reach,
and Passageway No.1 is directly connected to Hong Kong via Lok Ma Chau Bridge.

Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone is 2 kilometers from Shatoujao Port, and 1 kilometer from Yantian Port.

Being the largest container port in South China, Yantian Port Free Trade Zone is just located in Yantian Port, with specialized channel connected to the quay operation area.

Perfect infrastructure

Futian Free Trade Zone, Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone, and the southern part of
Yantian port Free Trade Zone have all completed such engineering as land levelling,
road construction, water supply, electricity supply, post and telecommunications, drainage, etc.

With all the perfect supporting facilities, the zones become a mature investment environment.

Free trade policies



Cargos transported from outside the boundary into the free trade zone or transported from the free trade zone outside the boundary are free of customs duties and licenses, and the customs carries out the archiving systhem management;Cargos transported into domestic non-free trade zone from the free trade zone are regarded as imports, while cargos transported into the free trade zone from the domestic non-free trade zone are regarede as exports.

The customs carries out customs declaration management, In the free trade zone, such businesses as manufacturing, processing, warehousing, exhibition and trade are allowed.

Investors pooling up

The three free trade zones in Shenzhen have attracted a remarkable number of investors from 25 countries and regions all over the world, among which are a lot of world-renowned multinational enterprises.

Futian Free Trade Zone 


Futian Free Trade Zone was established on May 28, 1991 upon approval by the State Council.On February 18, 1993, its insulating facilities were qualified by Customs General Administration. The free trade zone occupies 1.35 square kilometres, with 0.33 square kilometre allocated residential quarter.


Futian Free Trade Zone starts from Huanggang Port in the east, neighbors Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway in the north, is adjacent to Huanggang Subway Terminal (under construction),which is to connect with Hongkong Northwest Railway. Passageway No.1 directly links Hongkong and Futian Free Trade Zone via Lok Ma Chau Bridge. Hong Kong container trucks owned by the enterprises within the zone can come in or go out of the zone freely.

Approved private cars can enter the zone from Hong Kong. They are also allowed to drive within Shenzhen City.

Beside, No.2 Channel and No.3 Bridge connecting the urban district have been put into use, and shuttle buses service are available.


Futian Free Trade Zone is ready for the occupancy of the investors with its complete public facilities, such as land levelling, road construction, water supply, electricity supply, post and telecommunications,drainage, etc.For the luxury residence, Baorui House, Langting Luxury Gardeng, Juya Garden and Jinglong Garden have been completed within the residential quarter.

Besides, there are also sufficient dormitories for workers.And banks, insurance companies, law firms and customs declaration firms in the zone provides the community with convenient business services.

Yantian Port Free Trade Zone


Yantian Port Free Trade Zone was established on September 27, 1996 upon approval of the State Council. Its first phase of development area covers 0.85 square kilometer, The Zone is divided by Yantian Port Blvd. into two parts. The south part and the north part are to be linked by an insulating viaduct.The north part is about0.68 square kilometer, where a mountain leveling and sea filling -up project is under way; The south part covers 0.17 square kilometer, Its insulating facilities were qualified by The Customs General Administration on January 8, 1999.


Located in Yantian Port, Yantian Port Free Trade has built a specialized passageway for direct access to the quay operation area. As one of the four largest container terminals in China,Yantian Port has opened 46 international sea routes connected to Europe, Asia and Pacific Regions. In year 2001, the throughput of Yantian Port attained 2.75 million TEUs, and the number has been growing rapidly with an annual rate of about 50%.


Through 24KM Pinghu-Yantian railway, Yantian Port connects with Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Kowloon railway arteries, and thus accessing everywhere all over the country through railway network.


Around Yantian Port Free Trade Zone are Yan-Ba Expressway, Huizhou-Yantian Expressway, and Yantian Port Blvd.,Etc., Marine transportation,highwagys,and railways have together formed a convenient and fast communication network.


All kinds of public utilities in the South park of Yantian Port Free Trade Zone have been completed, such as land levelling, road construction, water supply, electricity supply, post communication, telecommunications, drainage, etc.




Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone

Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone was established on December 25, 1987 upon approval by Shenzhen Municipal Government, and was formally set up on May 28,1991 upon approval by the State Council. It is the earliest free trade zone occupies on industrial land area of 0.27 square kilometer, with a residential land area of 0.15 square kilometer.  

Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone is Located in Yantian district in the east of Shenzhen, it is 1 kilometer from the largest international container port in South China—Yantian Port in the east, 2 kilometers from Shatoujiao Port to Hong Kong in the south , connected with Shenzhen urban district via Wutongshan Tunnel in the west, and lies in beautiful Wutong Mountain in the north.Financial institutions such as the Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Industrial & Commercial Bank have their branches in the zone. With a total building area of 200,000 square meters, the residential quarters can accommodate 30,000 employees.



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