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Things to do near the new Metro Lines 6, 10
    2020-08-27  08:53    Shenzhen Daily

Line 6

Line 6 runs from Songgang Station in Bao’an District to the Science Museum Station in Futian District. Since it is the first Metro line to cover Guangming District, it is also called the “Guangming Line,” and is also nicknamed the “Squab Line” because one thing you must try in Guangming is to eat the crispy, juicy and tasty roasted squabs. Below are a few featured spots near some of the stations.

Songgang Station 松岗站

Songgang Station is a transfer station of Metro Lines 6 and 11. The Songgang Culture and Art Center (松岗文化艺术中心) near Exit C has a public library, an art hall and a cinema.

Songgang Park Station 松岗公园站

Adjacent to Qilin Mountain, Songgang Park (松岗公园) near Exit B is a great place for residents to exercise and relax.

Heshuikou Station 合水口站

Mai’s Ancestral Hall (麦氏大宗祠) near Exit A was built around 1488-1506 and refurbished in 1912. A typical South China-style architecture with stone-carving, wood-carving and clay-sculpting decorations, it is a grand ancestral hall for the Mai family’s descendants living in six communities in Guangming.

Walking northeast from the ancestral hall, you can find three restaurants recommended by netizens: Yongxing Rice Noodles (永兴濑粉店), Heng’s Cantonese Dessert (恒记糖水店) and Xiacun New Qiang’s Roasted Goose (下村新强记烧鹅店). Roasted goose is a signature dish in Gongming area.

Gongming Square Station 公明广场站

There are two shopping plazas near the station, Maxland (大仟里购物中心) near Exit C and Joy Street (云景悦街) near Exit D, where popular chain restaurants, milk tea stores, clothes shops, a cinema and two supermarkets are located.

Honghuashan Station 红花山站

Honghua Hill Park (红花山公园) near Exit C has many paths on the hill for jogging. A nine-level pagoda is a spot for visitors to take photos with.

Guangming Station 光明站

From this station, visitors can take a bus or taxi to OCT Farm (光明小镇欢乐田园), a scenic spot where visitors will enjoy fields of flowers or pick fruit and corn.

Guangming Street Station 光明大街站

Walking out of Guangming Street Station, you will see several roasted squab restaurants. The most famous one is Guangming Guesthouse (光明招待所) near Exit B, which is a very old restaurant. If it is too crowded, you can try another two nearby: Liu Bing Squab (刘冰乳鸽店) and Weiweixian Guangming Squab (味为先光明乳鸽店), which are also recommended by netizens.

Cuihu Park (翠湖公园) near Exit B is not big but worth going for a stroll after you are full of roasted squabs. Visitors can take a bus or taxi to scenic spots like Guangming Farm (光明农场大观园), Dadingling Forest Park (大顶岭森林公园) and Guangming Grass Skiing Park (光明滑草游乐园). A glass bridge in Dadingling Forest Park should not be missed. Nanyue Guangming Restaurant (南粤光明文化美食园), which is also famous for its roasted squabs, is near Guangming Farm.

The Marathon Mountain and Lake Greenway (马拉松山湖绿道), a six-kilometer walking trail from Guangming Grass Skiing Park to Guanguang Road has recently been selected among the top 10 walking trails in Shenzhen.

Fenghuang Town Station 凤凰城站

Near Exit B, the Guangming Culture and Art Center (光明文化艺术中心), which is still under construction, will include a 1,500-seat theater, a 450-seat concert hall, an art museum, a library and an exhibition hall. Near Guangming Xincheng Park (光明新城公园), you can have dim sum and roasted squabs at Guang Ming Squab (光明鸽城市主题餐厅), which is managed by the same company with Guangming Guesthouse.

Guantian Station 官田站

Near Exit C, there is a shopping complex, To City Mall (星城购物中心).

Yangtai Mountain East Station


The greenery of Yangtai Mountain Forest Park (阳台山森林公园) near Exit A earns it a place on Shenzhen’s list of top popular scenic spots. With a main peak of 587 meters, Yangtai Mountain enjoys a good reputation among local hikers.

Shangfen Station 上芬站

Although shopping plaza AT Mall (上塘荟) is closer to the Shangtang Station on Metro Line 4, it is also within walking distance to Shangfen Station’s Exit C.

Hongshan Station 红山站

Hongshan Station is a transfer station of Lines 4 and 6, where you can find the shopping complex Hongshan 6979 (红山6979商业中心) and a Rainbow Department Store (天虹购物中心) near Exit A.

Shenzhen North Station 深圳北站站

Shenzhen North Station is a transfer station of Lines 4, 5 and 6, where Shenzhen North Railway Station is located. Nearby there are two shopping centers, Bingo (缤果空间) and U-best Mall (优越时代广场). Shenzhen North Railway Station Central Park (深圳北站中心公园) is opposite to the west square of the railway station. It’s the biggest park in Minzhi Subdistrict.

From Yinhu to Science Museum, most stations are transfer stations with existing Metro lines. Near Yinhu Station (银湖站) you can find Shenzhen Fine Art Institute (深圳画院) and Bijia Mountain Park (笔架山公园), near the Sports Center Station (体育中心站) is the Shenzhen Sports Center (深圳体育中心), and near the Science Museum Station (科学馆站) is City Mall (新城市广场).

Line 10

Line 10 runs from Shuangyong Street Station in Longgang District to Futian Checkpoint Station in Futian District. It covers many industrial parks, and world-famous Huawei’s headquarters is located near Huawei Station. Below are a few spots near some of the Line 10 stations.

Shuangyong Street Station 双拥街站

Fenghuang Mountain National Mine Park (凤凰山国家矿山公园) near Exit B2 features old mine sites, ecological improvement demonstrations and vast greenery for visitors to relax.

Pinghu Station 平湖站

Walking out of Pinghu Station or Shuangyong Street Station, you can take a stroll along Shouzhen Street (守珍街), which is decorated with colorful murals. The street is popular not only because it’s an ideal place for taking selfies, but also because of some food stores which sell Cantonese beef offal, Cantonese desserts and other popular snacks.

Huanancheng Station 华南城站

Adjacent to Gankeng Reservoir, the Pinghu Ecological Park (平湖生态园) near Exit D is a tranquil land with vast greenery. And Huasheng Outlets (华盛奥特莱斯购物中心) near Exit C is a shopping plaza next to Huanan International Industrial Materials City (华南国际工业原料城).

Gankeng Station 甘坑站

The 300-year-old Gankeng Hakka Town (甘坑客家小镇) near Exit B is a tourist attraction with traditional Hakka buildings, farms, Hakka food restaurants and handicrafts shops.

Guangyayuan Station 光雅园站

Bantian Handmade Culture Street (坂田手造文化街) near Exit A1 mainly features traditional Chinese culture products, such as tea, wares and intangible heritage items.

Yabao Station 雅宝站

At Galaxy World Coco Park (星河World • Coco Park) shopping center, you can find popular clothes brands and restaurants. Close by, the Guofeng Art Museum (国风艺术馆) is holding a contemporary art exhibition.

Donggualing Station 冬瓜岭站

Formed by buildings with brightly painted facades, the UpperHills (深业上城) shopping center neat Exit A is a perfect place for taking selfies, as well as for shopping and dining.

From Lianhuacun to Futian Checkpoint, most stations are transfer stations with existing Metro lines. Near Lianhuacun Station (莲花村站) is the Guan Shanyue Art Museum (关山月美术馆) and Lianhua Hill Park (莲花山公园), near Fumin Station (福民站) and Futian Checkpoint Station (福田口岸站) is Shuiwei commercial street (水围商业步行街) and the Shuiwei 1368 Cultural Block (水围1368文化街区), and near Gangxia Station (岗厦站) are shopping centers One Avenue (卓悦中心) and Intown (卓悦Intown购物中心).

(Cao Zhen)

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